HELP US RAISE 200,000 AEROPLAN MILES between April 15th and May 14th!

Mammalian is raising money and Aeroplan miles to bring up to 11 Toronto-based teenagers (all part of Young Mammals) to Germany this summer, to co-develop our new project, Teentalitarianism. Following the project’s premiere in Germany, they will be hired to lead Teentalitarianism as it tours to other festivals over the coming years, as part of Mammalian long-term succession plan. We’ve been working with many of these youth since 2005, formally training them in art-making and production since 2011. Support to cover the youths’ flights will help us continue training these future culture makers, develop their international networks, and as they turn 20, bring them into Mammalian’s touring and international production roster.

Teentalitarianism is a large-scale, multi-faceted project we are presenting over the course of the 7-week Ruhrtriennale Festival, in the Ruhr region of Germany. We have been working with the Ruhrtriennale since 2012 to present projects and develop a collective of young people in the cultural industry, in line with our own approach in Toronto. Many of the performances that will take place over the festival were originally created in collaboration with Young Mammals in Toronto; they will work together to present them this summer.

This is a historic time in Europe, with Germany taking the lead on the very challenging path to a more complex multiculturalism, something our Toronto youth understand deeply and personally. Our own experiences in Canada and in the diverse city of Toronto are a vast repository of expertise that we can share to help them through these challenging times – just one more reason why we feel it’s vital these youth join us to make this project in August.


OR – If you’d prefer to donate money (or don’t have Aeroplan miles), please use the CanadaHelps form below to donate money online. You can also send us a cheque by mail (Mammalian Diving Reflex, 1087 Queen St. West #410, Toronto, ON, M6J 1H3). If you are interested in making a significant or unique gift to Mammalian, please contact Darren at We are thankful for whatever support you can give.