Ameliorating the Amalgamated

Toronto is undergoing a crisis of perception: viewed from the suburbs, the cappuccino-sipping downtown elites want their glittering art galleries, bike lanes, and organic toilet paper; viewed from the centre, the suburbs want their Big Macs, cars and bulk toilet paper. Let's set the record straight: Mammalian Diving Reflex and The Theatre Centre have gathered together 35 experts from across the city to draft a comprehensive holistic vision for the future of the city. Given the task of envisioning 24 hours in a perfect city, these experts have studied every single hour of the day and produced Ameliorating the Amalgamated: An examination of every single hour of the day toward healing a divided city, a performance and installation of the future.

When: Saturday, December 14th @ 7:00-9:00PM
Where: Gallery 44 (401 Richmond St W. ON M5V 1R8)
Special thanks to Gallery 44 and the Toronto Arts Council.