Dada Data: Art For the Brain at Nuit Blanche

Mammalian Diving Reflex and the Theatre Centre present DADA DATA: art for the brain at Nuit Blanche.

Saturday, October 5th, 7pm-12am
Theatre Centre Pop-Up
1095 Queen Street West
FYI: A year in Toronto = 56 trips to the grocers, 25.2 hours in the shower, 36 hours of masturbation, 2920 hours of sleep.
TMI? No such thing.
Statistically speaking, Mammalian Diving Reflex will inform and transform the city into an infinitesimal data bank made up of people like you: a walking, breathing, beautiful hunk of a datum. We will count your family, we will count your money, we will count your fears, we will count your pets and the hairs on your knuckles even as they fly at our calculating faces.
Information overload? When everything counts, everything must be counting. It's Dada Data: counting to infinity.