How to Be a Brown Teen: SAVAC’s 10th anniversary ‘Monitor Reruns’

The Torontonians' How to Be a Brown Teen is being presented as part of the South Asian Visual Arts Centre's 10-year anniversary retrospective, Monitor Reruns presented in partnership with A Space Gallery (401 Richmond St. W. Toronto) and Images Festival from March 28- May 3 2014.

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April 11th, 3-4pm: Curator talk between Shai Heredia & Srimoyee Mitra followed by opening reception @ A Space Gallery (401 Richmond St. W. Toronto)
April 12th: Images Festival opening for Monitor Reruns

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In the words of R.M. Vaughan, How to Be a Brown Teen is a "deliciously rude instructional video" created by The Torontonians. Sanjay Ratnan "tells his fellow classmates that anything less than perfect grades, perfect fiscal responsibility and absolute chastity will "equal beatings" from a "brown teen's" parents. When one of the kids is asked what he has learned, he replies "it sucks to be a brown teen" " (The Globe and Mail, 18 March 2011).

"It feels good to be part of MONITOR 7: New South Asian Short Film + Video; some brown adults can finally see the basic truth about how their kids see them. Brown kids have rights; we can be white if we want to."
-Sanjay Ratnan and Ahash Jeevakanthan from The Torontonians about the world premiere of How to be a Brown Teen.

The Torontonians are a Parkdale-based art collective, working in collaboration with research-art atelier Mammalian Diving Reflex. They create performances, give lectures, make videos, dance on the street, hassle drunk guys, take photographs, check cell phones, sing songs, play cellos, draw bunnies, take the TTC, ride BMX and do volunteer hours.