Sanjay and Kathy turn 19: Birthday Drinks, AGO

One day in the summer of 2010, Sanjay and Kathy, then 14 years old, met Darren, then 45 years old, at a local Burger King to collaborate on a video about being an artist. From then on the Torontonians were born, Mammalian Diving Reflex’s youth cohort and main artistic collaborators. Kathy and Sanjay have been working with Mammalian since and has collaborated on over 20 years, including Night Walks with Teenagers (2011-2012), Producers of Parkdale (2012), How to Hook Up (2012-2013), AWKS (2013-2014) and many others. On January 27th and January 26th they turn 19. They’ve been waiting 19 years for this - so join us as we celebrate their first legal sip of alcohol.

When: Wednesday January 28 2015, 7:30PM-8:30PM
Where: AGO Galleria