Dana Liu


Dana Liu is an aspiring actress and entertainer. She loves to sing, dance and have fun with her awesome friends. She likes to take on the role of the clothes on her back, as a fun, automatic response to her method acting nature. Her other hobbies include reading, writing, watching dramas, anime, sitcoms (you get the idea, it helps with the acting)… and sleeping, which is unavoidable because she is in the IB… and she plans to finish it no matter the circumstances, even if she has to crawl out. She’s shy when you first meet her, but always friendly. Don’t let her first class poker face fool you, she never hide smiles. She enjoys working with Darren O’Donnell and the rest of the Torontonians and hopes that she’ll make new friends as her experience with them increases. She is very happy that you are reading this and would even be more so if you are enjoying it. However she finds writing this bio in 3rd person very awkward, but she promises that it is the truth, and nothing but the truth.