Dorothy Janes


We love you, Dorothy! In 2010, Dorothy was the oldest performer in Mammalian's workshop production of The Best Sex I've Ever Had (now called All the Sex I've Ever Had) presented at the University of Toronto's Justina M. Barnicke Gallery under the title 'You Can Have it All.' In 2011, she traveled with Mammalian to the Pazz Festival/Oldenburgisches Staatstheater in Oldenburg, Germany be part of the development performance there. Dorothy was featured on the promotional poster in Germany, as well as in Mammalian's promotional videos for the project. Sadly, Dorothy passed away in April 2012. For us the value of All the Sex I've Ever Had is getting to know a lot of incredible people who are all entering an incredible time of their lives; a time often of great reflection, ease, confidence and joy. The world premiere of All the Sex I've Ever Had at the Pazz Performing Arts Festival in Oldenburg, Germany is dedicated to Dorothy Janes.