Hazel Venzon

Bi-Coastal Operative

Hazel is a freelance actor, performance artist, writer, director, and producer. Her experimental background is rooted in Sculpture and Performance Art (University of Manitoba's School of Fine Art in Winnipeg, MB) and formal Acting Training (Studio 58 in Vancouver, BC). She uses every opportunity to be creative, primarily through the use of video, drawing and food. Her most renowned solo works include *boombox, and **EMBRACE. As an actor, she's spent ten years working with many of Vancouver's independent theatre companies including: Boca del Lupo, Caravan Farm, The Chop, Green Thumb, New World Theatre, Rumble Productions, Ruby Slippers, Theatre Replacement and Urban Crawl. Her collaborative credits in Toronto include works with Volcano Theatre and Fu-Gen. She is co-founder of THEATRE FOR THE NEXT GENERATION, a performance creation program for people aged 5-12, where students are the teachers. Her exposure to northern Canadian life (Yukon Territory) has strongly influenced her creative focus. At present, she researches Canadian uniqueness - how new immigrants alter and impact our culture. Her recent work entails writing letters to the government on behalf of newcomers to request an expedient citizenship process.

Hazel is also a Doula (flavors.me.hazeldoula) and advocate for slow, natural births. She is a believer in social engagement art, constantly looking for ways to interface with others of different cultures than her own, of all ages, and of dynamic social beliefs. Hazel has coordinated Haircuts by Children in Darwin, Enschede, Glasgow, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Bologna, Vancouver and Victoria. She currently lives in Toronto, where she can provide loving support to Mammalian in the flesh.