John Caffery

Performer / Youth Operative

John Caffery's artistic practice incorporates music, dance, film, video, textiles, and photography. He is a founding member of Kids on TV, the electro-punk band which has since 2003 melded live performance, film, video, dance-club music and experimental rock. John recently completed a term as the President of Blocks Recording Club, a Co-operative Artist-Run Record Label. John danced for Cyndi Lauper, sang with Boy George, and is a member of the West Side Stitches. He implemented a dance program and developed a theatre production at Sketch: an artist studio for homeless and street involved youth, was a Community Animator for Jane's Walk where he facilitated youth to design walking tours of their neighbourhoods and a Volunteer Coordinator for the YMCA Academy connecting youth. He performs as John the Sad Scientist in Mammalian's Monster Makers.