Kathy Vuu


Kathy Vuu is a core and founding member of the Torontonians. She has collaborated on numerous projects including: The Producers of Parkdale, Dare Night: Lockdown, Nightwalks with Teenagers, How to Hook Up, Promises to a Divided City, the film mini-series High School Health and the short film Teen Thoughts. Kathy has toured with Mammalian to Cape Breton, NS; Leeds, UK and Hamilton, ON as a Project Coordinator for Nightwalks with Teenagers. In the fall of 2014, she travelled to Windsor, ON to attend the Neighbourhood Spaces Symposium where she gave a talk on the Torontonians and co-facilitated the project Home Tours. Currently, Kathy is engaged in a long-term mentorship project with Director of Creative Production Eva Verity, called VuuVerity. Kathy is also an actor and dancer who has been involved with Mashed Collective, and has starred in several stage-based productions including: Think Pink (Parkdale Public School), Fruit and Time Travel (Nate Wilson, RHSA), Safe To Connect (Stephen Wei/Kim Snider, RHSA), Hair and Cabaret (John Blakey, RHSA) and Picture Identity-ed (York University). She is an active embroiderer who sells her work at Nude Collective. She is currently in her second year at York University studying Theatre.