Krys Verrall

Academic Consultant

unnamed-1 Krys is an art and cultural critic, and educator in the Department of Humanities Children's Studies Program at York University, Toronto. Her scholarship explores the intersection of the complex politics of race, age and citizenship with avant-garde aesthetic practices. Her work on 1960s conceptual art and civil rights movements appears in an anthology on sixties material culture (edited D. Anastakis, McGill-Queen's 2008); and two forthcoming publications: The Aesthetics of Transcultural Revolution: Freedom Songs in Halifax and Toronto 1965 to 1967 (Topia, March 2011); and artscanada's Black Issue: 1690s International Avant-gardes and African Liberation Movements (Canadian Journal of COmmunications, under review). Currently she is co-editing a book on art works created through collaborations between children and artists, architects and designers (with Bill Burns for Denmark's Krabbesholm Books, 2011). The book features projects such as Mammalian Diving Reflex's 2009 performance Eat the Street. You can find her CV and other related information here.