Madeleine Collective

MaddyCo Madeleine Collective is a Toronto-based art collective established in May 2011 and consisting of Ladan Ali, Nicole BazuinAlexandra Hong and Cheryl Hsu. The name "Madeleine" is in reference to Marcel Proust's description of an involuntary flood of memory and sensation evoked by the simple act of tasting a madeleine cookie. Similarly, Madeleine Collective seeks to trigger inspiration and sincere revelation through unexpected moments encountered in art.

Madeleine Collective creates participatory and collaborative art events, installations and happenings that facilitate positive interactions and community-building initiatives. Our mandate is to produce projects that showcase unusual yet significant subject matter in ways that educate and inspire audiences. Madeleine Collective works with other companies, agencies, and industries to produce communication and learning tools that integrate interdisciplinary creative practices. UItimately, we aim to produce extraordinary effects from ordinary moments. The Madeleine Collective coordinated the presentation of These Are the People in Your Neighbourhood at Jane's Walk and Art of the Danforth in Toronto (2012).