These Are the People in Your Neighbourhood

A group of ten-year-olds are going to school you about your ‘hood. They've done the research, analyzed the data and made the connections; join our kid experts for These Are the People in Your Neighbourhood, a public walk and tour of local businesses in your community. For the mere cost of your time and leg power, you’ll learn about the hottest new place to grab a coffee, where to buy the best veggies and, of course,whether the grocer prefers to wear stripes or solids. These Are the People in Your Neighbourhood is a street-proofing and community fortification performance led by children and fuelled by curiosity about the world and enthusiasm to share it. It is a performance of a very possible world: a place where children walk down the street, tipping their hats to the people they pass and making it safe and familiar for everyone. If you harbour any nostalgia for those imaginary days when the word 'community' still had meaning, we invite you to come and experience a small slice of utopia.

Touring contact: Tina Fance (

photo: William Pemulis



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