Children, Youth and the Culture Plans of Canadian Cites


by Darren O'Donnell

The cultural turn in city planning has exploded over the course of the last decade (Florida 2002, Kunzmann 2004, Landry 2000, Bailey 2004), with notions of the importance of creativity, the creative economy and the creative city dominating – if not triggering - the proliferation of cultural plans generated by the major cities across Canada. Leaving aside the question of the accuracy of the Creative City rhetoric, the question of how children and young people are seen within this cultural policy fabric is the focus of this paper. I examined cultural plans from eleven major cities across Canada: St. John, St. John’s, Moncton, Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. I also studied the provinces that had produced cultural or related plans: New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Saskatchewan and the Yukon. Heritage Canada’s Plan was also studied as well as various documents from a number of international sources including Australia, Germany, Ireland and the United States.

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