Eat, Meet and other tactics to chew my way to Sesame Street


by Darren O'Donnell

An essay about the work of Mammalian and meals from Coach House Books' Edible City.
Growing up in the late 1960s and early 1970s, I watched Sesame Street like it was real life, and it anchored itself in my imagination as an ideal for neighbourhood engagement: you know everybody on the block (even the green-furred asshole who lives in the garbage can), you learn together, you hang out together and you even work together - the show's enthusiastic championing of the various jobs and vocations that contribute to civic health lent all workers credibility. This image of the city as a productive, supportive and creative place has never been so clearly and thoroughly imagined and illustrated. Even now - perhaps especially now - Sesame Street remains an inspiration for many of my social and professional activities.

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