Written by Darren O'Donnell

pppeeeaaaccceee, is a vast, imaginative and mesmerizing glide through Life and Power. The play is set in Ephemeral; three people firmly floating chat - in O'Donnell's inimitable rapid-fire style - about the revolution. Which revolution? Good question. A gently aggressive meditation, pppeeeaaaccceee examines our being, asks us what we're doing and reminds us that there are monsters in here.

With numerous photos and with contributions by the actors, technical staff and producer, pppeeeaaaccceee is more than just a play script - it is a document of the process of creating such a remarkable piece of alternative drama. This edition also includes O'Donnell's manifesto on theatre, 'Even a Broken Clock Occasionally Tells the Correct Time.'

Peace. Say it slow, stretch it out, make it last forever.

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Published by Coach House Press.

pppeeeaaaccceee book