All the Sex I’ve Ever Had: Sydney, Australia

Presented by: Sydney Festival
in collaboration with: Sydney Opera House
Co-Directors: Darren O'Donnell, Konstantin Bock
Producer: Eva Verity
Performers: Jennie, Judith, Liz, Paul, Peter, Ronaldo
Lighting Design: Konstantin Bock
Local Producer: Adam McGowan
Local Coordinator: Mark Mitchell
Venue Coordinator: Alice Fleming
Sound Designer & MC: Steve Toulmin
Stage Manager: Laura Graham
Sydney Festival Intern: Megan Exton
Mammalian intern: Christie Woodhouse
Venue: Sydney Opera House Drama Theatre
Performance dates: January 21, 22 & 24 (captioned performance) @ 7:30pm; January 22 @ 2:00pm; January 23 @ 2:00pm

This presentation of All the Sex I've Ever Had has been made possible in part by grants from the Canada Council for the Arts Theatre International Program and the Ontario Arts Council's National and International Touring program.