AWKS #2: Getting Grizzly Awkward Dance Party


image: Michael Barker

Things are about to get hairy at this month’s grizzly-bearded AWKWARD dance party, where plaid shirts and mustaches go for good times. In support of Movember, AWKS will be giving out mustaches and dancing like a lumberjack! So get your plaid shirts and long johns on and head over to gallerywest! See you there awkward bears!

AWKS, the Young Mammals' latest project developed and produced by The Torontonians, is a dance party wrapped hectically together by up-and-coming party scene teens. It's an opportunity to relive your glory middle school dance days and sneak a peek at talented youth all over the GTA - like ALL. OVER. Let's applaud, break that weird force that separates the boys and the girls, party like a mammal, but most importantly, let's keep it AWKS. For more information, click HERE

When: Saturday, November 30, 2013 from 8pm-12am
Where: gallerywest, 1172 Queen St. West

AWKS has been made possible in part thanks to support from Toronto Arts Council with funds provided by the City of Toronto; support provided by a grant from the Vital Toronto Fund at the Toronto Community Foundation; Hal Jackman Foundation; Ontario Trillium Foundation and Metcalf Foundation.