AWKS #5: Farewell Winter Funeral


Aren't you tired of old man Winter breathing his cold, dry and depressing breath down your neck? Tired of hearing the term Polar Vortex? So are we! That's why we're hosting a funeral to say sayonara to Winter. Be a part of our procession and recite a eulogy to say goodbye to the cold! This ain't your average funeral, music will be played, cake will be eaten, and talent will be showcased!


Farewell Winter Talent Show Showcase your talented and creative way of saying goodbye to this long and dreary winter. A flashy $75 to first place, $50 for second, and $25 for third! Your performance must be a) a minimum of 1 minute long, b) a creative goodbye to winter (singing, dancing, spoken word, yo-yoing, ANYTHING!) Contact Ellen Tang or Virginia Antonipillai for further deets and talent sign-up!

AWKS, the Young Mammals' latest project developed and produced by The Torontonians, is a party series wrapped hectically together by up-and-coming party scene teens. It's an opportunity to relive your glory middle school dance days and sneak a peek at talented youth all over the GTA - like ALL. OVER. Let's applaud, break that weird force that separates the boys and the girls, party like a mammal, but most importantly, let's keep it AWKS.

When: Saturday, March 29, 2014. Doors @ 8pm
Where: Ground Level Cafe, 1496 Queen St. West
Facebook Event:

AWKS has been made possible in part thanks to support from Toronto Arts Council with funds provided by the City of Toronto; support provided by a grant from the Vital Toronto Fund at the Toronto Community Foundation; Hal Jackman Foundation; Ontario Trillium Foundation and Metcalf Foundation.