Being an Artist is Alright; Some Other Jobs are Alrighter


In response to the most 'liked' status update he's ever written, Mammalian's Artistic and Research Director, Darren O'Donnell moderates a relay discussion* over drinks about why the hell everybody wants to be an artist, why so many other jobs are more creative and meaningful and why art has jumped the shark. Whip off your beret, slide on your boxing gloves, slip in a mouth guard and get ready to rumble.


*a relay discussion features a talking ball which is passed from person to person to person with each person permitted to talk for a minute max before passing it on and waiting until the ball circles back. In the subsequent round, the time is shortened and, for each round after, continues to get shortened until people are only permitted a single word before passing on the talking ball. Taking a pass is welcome and speaking less than a minute is smiled upon. The moderator will establish the parameters of the discussion and blow a whistle and flash a yellow card if anyone strays off topic. Two yellow cards and you're out. Any artists complaining about funding will immediately be shown a red card, given a plane ticket to a country with less arts funding and sent packing.

Mammalian Diving Reflex are Artists in Residence at the Art Square Gallery & Cafe, Dec 8 - Feb 8, directly across from the Art Gallery of Ontario, where they are also Artists In Residence, Dec 8 - Feb 8. If you would like us to be Artists In Residence in your life, too, give us a shout.