Dare Night

Dare Night Dare Night is a two hour participatory, performance party game.Dare Night seeks to breach the unspoken laws of public etiquette by challenging individuals to commit the unthinkable. Audience members are put to the test by executing a series of hilarious, exhilarating and shocking dares. Participation is not mandatory, but is strongly encouraged. In the spirit of friendly competition, nominees for the most memorable dares are elected throughout the show; at the end of the night, you get to decide who is crowned Dare King and Queen.

Dare Night dares are conjured up by a wide ranging cast of youth who design, produce and host Dare Night. Our show invites the public to shatter the shields of social awkwardness. Strangers are challenged to a series of playful and unexpected situations with the hopes of bringing them closer together. Our curated space transforms the foreign to familiar by exploring the power of risk and trust. More importantly, it encourages all of us to open up to each other, even if it’s only for one night.

Touring contact: Tina Fance (tina@mammalian.ca)

photo:Eva Verity