Haircuts by Children: Ghent, Belgium

Presented by: Kunstencentrum Vooruit as part of Vooruit and CAMPO's new festival, Possible Futures.
MDR Coordinators: Hazel Venzon &
Eva Verity
Local Coordinator: Kathleen Cortens
Translation: Willeke Van Herreweghe
School: Freinetschool Mandala
Teachers:Nina Leroy, Barbara Vlaeminck and Facilitator Liesa Vandenhende
Salon: Bar-Bier
Stylists: Elke Thijs and Nora Wuytack
Photos by: Michiel Devijver
Performance dates: 19 & 20 October, 2013

We will also be presenting Socialist* Games on Saturday, October 12th, 4pm @ the Vooruit Ticket office. Socialist* Games calls on strangers to play with strangers in wave after wave of summer-camp style activities - minus the summer camp, plus the awkwardness, and double the hotness. So give your laptop the finger and get playing. By the end of the night you will be much more sweaty, much less of a stranger, and a much more of a socialist*.
*Socialist, n. One inclined to seek out and enjoy the company of others.

This presentation of Haircuts by Children has been made possible in part thanks to a grant from the Ontario Arts Council's National and International Touring Program.