Happy Eatium

Happy Eatium: Delicious Food, Cheap Food, Healthy Food; We're on a Mission To Find It. Over the next 5 months, teens in 4 different Toronto neighbourhoods will assess the food they're most drawn to in their area, looking at how cheap, convenient, tasty and healthy it is. We'll explore our own food habits, talk to a nutritionist & other experts, make zines filled with data and recipes: our own, our families, those stolen from restaurants we like best. Then we'll wrap it all up into 4 delicious presentations & MEALS, one in each area, that school you on how easy or hard it is to eat well on a small budget-as we all seek that Happy Eatium between what we should do and what we want to do, without making ourselves sick. No two neighbourhoods will be alike, so come down to: Malvern, Jane & Finch, Lawrence Heights and Parkdale to see what's happening.

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Our Team Includes: Danielle Campbell, Dianna Gunn, Stefany Donis, Laila Hashem, Thipashini Bala, Tulasika Kirupakaran, Amrith David, Sharay Dennis, Gabbie Kelly, Nanthiya Nanthakumar, Sariny Uthayakumar, Lasasha Nesbeth, Wendell Williams, Andre Avila, Fenton Almen Nesbeth Jr., Akeesan Jeeva, Dineer Ali, Rashida Shaw, Kajian Pulenthirasingam, Tijana Spasic

The Happy Eatium project is produced with the support of the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council.