‘Survival Skills for Desperate Times’ workshop in Melbourne

Artistic & Research Director, Darren O'Donnell, presents a workshop titled Survive Social Discomfort among Melbourne Festival's Survival Skills for Desperate Times lecture series. The workshop will take place on Sunday, October 8, 2017.

Here's a blurb on the lecture series:

With the end of the world just around the corner, there’s one unstated fact we all know: when the apocalypse comes we’ll be eating the artists first.
But what if the ultimate survivalists are our actors and painters and dancers? What if an existence scraped together from the leanest of resources has equipped them for anything life tries to throw their way?
For two days this Festival, Arts House will be re-purposed as an urban survival camp, with top members of Australia’s battle-hardened arts community passing on the secret skills that will make all the difference when disaster comes knocking.
A wry, witty series of performance lectures on everything from living off weeds to having a stake in your own death, how to out-smart everyone and live on the moon to just getting the hell out of here, this is the know-how that will see you through when it all comes tumbling down.

Check out more about the festival and lecture series HERE.