Textures of Toronto


Grow-Op presents Mammalian Diving Reflex's Textures of Toronto, a survey of the city that will investigate the various textures of nine Toronto neighbourhoods. With the guidance of local residents, we will collect samples of local ephemera, plant life, debris, cockroaches and other materials specific to the neighbourhood. The survey will cumulate into an installation of over 100 jars representing the different urban systems of the city as part of the Gladstone Hotel’s Grow OP Exhibition.

Conceived and created by Sanjay Ratnan
Coordinated by Alana Wortsman
Neighbourhood Ambassadors and Researchers: Virginia Antonapillai, Shada Mahdi, Fadomo Henke, Lasasha Nesbeth, Parth Shah, Sharay Dennis, Isabel Ahat, Robbin Yun, Nayara Benatti
Where: The Gladstone Hotel
When: April 22nd – 26th, 2015