Wisdoms in Toronto

TATCrop Wisdoms is a Mammalian Diving Reflex project, podcast produced by Brainchild Podcasts. It features Parkdale youth and seniors living in a long-term care facility in Toronto's west end. Wisdoms brings teens and older adults together to shoot the shit about love, life and run-ins with the law.

Conceived, Directed & Produced by: Eva Verity
Featuring: Aleksander, Autumn, Lia, Michael, Nancy, Rachel, Sarah, Tad, Vince, and Wanda
Project Coordinator & Youth Liaison: Annie Wong
Senior Liaison: Grace Espinoza
Podcast Content Director & Editor: Ellie Gordon-Moershel
Podcast Producer, Editor & Engineer: Max Cotter
Podcast Producer & Engineer: Aleda DeRoche
Music: Free Music Archive
Brainchild Web & Design: Orest Kus

Contact: eva@mammalian.ca

Listen to the podcast HERE or on iTunes.

Wisdoms was supported in part by the Government of Ontario & RECODE at Ryerson University