All The Sex I’ve Ever Had: Cincinnati, U.S.A
Apr 12 To Apr 14
Mar 30 To Apr 07

Nov 23 To Dec 08
All the Sex I’ve Ever Had: Helsinki, Finland
Nov 15 To Nov 17
The World is a Wedding, The Presentation of Unst in Everyday Life
Jul 01 To Oct 31
Nightwalks with Teenagers: Reading, UK
Oct 5 To Oct 6
All the Sex I’ve Ever Had: Gold Coast, Australia
Oct 03 To Oct 05
Haircuts by Children: Gold Coast, Australia
Sept 29 To Sept 30
All the Sex I’ve Ever Had: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Aug 24 To Aug 26
A Survival Guide to the City
Feb 07 To Jul 29
Nightwalks with Teenagers: Hanko, Finland
Jun 08 To Jun 09
Haircuts by Children: Bilbao, Spain
May 22 To Jun 05
Nightwalks with Teenagers: London, UK
May 21 To Jun 04
Haircuts by Children: Altenburg, Germany
May 26 To May 27
Teentalitarianism: Salford Quays, UK
May 18 To May 27
Teentalitarianism: Milan, Italy
May 01 To May 21
Nightwalks with Teenagers: Amsterdam, Netherlands
May 17 To May 19
Eat the Street: Odense, Denmark
Apr 09 To Apr 24
All the Sex I’ve Ever Had: Austin, USA
Mar 23 To Apr 22

Strange and Familiar
Jun 01 To Dec 31
The Children’s Choice Awards: Kyoto, Japan
Oct 14 To Nov 05
All the Sex I’ve Ever Had: Melbourne, Australia
Oct 12 To Oct 15
‘Survival Skills for Desperate Times’ workshop in Melbourne
Oct 08
Teentalitarianism: Duisburg (Ruhrtriennale), Germany
Aug 18 To Sept 30
‘No Awkwardness, No Allies’ workshop in Brussels
Sept 28
Haircuts by Children: Hull, UK
Sept 01 To Sept 03
Nightwalks with Teenagers: Duisburg, Germany
Aug 26
All the Sex I’ve Ever Had: Colchester, UK
Jul 21 To Jul 22
Nightwalks with Teenagers: Saint-Étienne, France
Jul 06 To Jul 07
These Are the People in Your Neighbourhood: Knislinge, Sweden
Jun 17 To Jun 18
Happy Eatium in Toronto
Jun 10 To Jun 18
All the Sex I’ve Ever Had: Vienna, Austria
May 30 To Jun 01
Haircuts by Children: Vienna, Austria
May 20 To May 21
Eva at the Hart House for CFCC’s Food Summit
Apr 09
Haircuts by Children: Tokyo, Japan
Feb 26

All the Sex I’ve Ever Had: Hamburg, Germany
Dec 08 To Dec 11
Sleeping With Family, Regent Park Film Festival
Nov 24
Dare Night: Reykjavik, Iceland
Nov 24
Haircuts by Children: Melbourne, Austrailia
Oct 15 To Oct 23
The Hemsbach Protocol
Mar 15 To Oct 15
Sleeping With Family, Reelworld Film Festival
Oct 13 To Oct 15
Teentalitarianism: Gelsenkirchen (Ruhrtriennale), Germany
Aug 12 To Sept 24
Nightwalks with Teenagers: Basel, Switzerland
Sept 08 To Sept 10
The International Festival Young People’s Awards: Edinburgh, Scotland
Jul 30 To Aug 27
Nightwalks with Teenagers: Nyon, Switzerland
Aug 18 To Aug 20
Dare Night: Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Aug 14
These Are the People in Your Neighbourhood: Reading, UK
Jul 01 To Jul 02
Haircuts by Children: Winchester, UK
Jul 01 To Jul 02
The Children’s Choice Awards: London, England
Jun 06 To Jul 01
Lunenburg Symposium Workshop: Nova Scotia
May 27 To May 29
Sleeping With Family, Hot Docs Film Festival
Apr 29 To May 06
Take a Part symposium: Plymouth, UK
Apr 28 To Apr 29
Playing Up Symposium: Tate Modern, UK
Apr 04
Wisdoms in Toronto
Oct 01 To Mar 31
Australian Performing Arts Market: Brisbane, Australia
Feb 22 To Feb 26
Darren O’Donnell at PICA
Feb 10
Haircuts by Children: Calgary, Canada
Jan 30 To Jan 31
Last Thursdays: Truth or Dare, Dare Night at the Gladstone
Jan 28 To Jan 29
All the Sex I’ve Ever Had: Sydney, Australia
Jan 21 To Jan 24

Millionen Millionen Millionen: Bochum
Dec 08
Compelling Telling in Banff
Dec 04 To Dec 06
Engage International Conference in Glasgow
Nov 19 To Nov 20
Talk at the Goethe Institute with Doug Saunders
Oct 23
Eat the Street: Cagliari, Italy
Oct 8 To Oct 18
Homecooked Hemsbach
Sept 20 To Sept 25
Millionen! Millionen! Millionen!
Sept 12 To Sept 13
Millionen Millionen Millionen: Essen
Sept 12
Nightwalks with Teenagers: Riga, Latvia
Sept 05 To Sept 08
These Are the People in Your Neighbourhood: Helsinki, Finland
Aug 15
Teens Talk Theatre in Toronto
Feb 01 To Jul 31
Textures of Toronto
Apr 22 To Apr 26
Nightwalks with Teenagers: Manchester, England
Feb 20 To Feb 22
Nightwalks with Teenagers: Bristol, England
Feb 13 To Feb 15
The AGO Youth Receptiveness Assessment Initiative
Dec 03 To Feb 08
Sanjay and Kathy turn 19: Birthday Drinks, AGO
Jan 28
Haircuts by Children: Whitehorse, Canada
Jan 17 To Jan 18
Chozin turns 19: Birthday Drinks, AGO
Jan 07

Being an Artist is Alright; Some Other Jobs are Alrighter
Dec 06
Dare Night at the Art Gallery of Ontario
Dec 03
Haircuts by Children part of Living as Form (The Nomadic Version): Tokyo, Japan
Nov 15 To Nov 28
Giving the Kids the Keys: Windsor, ON
Nov 14
These Are the People in Your Neighbourhood: Gwangju, South Korea
Oct 24 To Oct 25
Eat the Street: Birmingham, England
Oct 4 To Oct 11
The Children’s Choice Awards: Ruhr, Germany 2014
Aug 11 To Sept 27
Haircuts by Children: Kuopio, Finland
Sept 25 To Sept 27
All the Sex I’ve Ever Had: Portland, USA
Sept 18 To Sept 20
Nightwalks with Teenagers: Newcastle Upon Tyne, England
Jul 25 To Jul 26
A Drift: Gloucester, England
Jul 18
AWKS #8: Camp Awks
Jul 3
AWKS #7: Awkward Glamour Party
Jun 21
High School Health in Toronto
Jun 6 To Jun 15
Promises to a Divided City: Toronto
May 30 To May 31
Nightwalks with Teenagers: Bochum, Germany
May 22 To May 24
How to Be a Brown Teen: SAVAC’s 10th anniversary ‘Monitor Reruns’
Mar 28 To May 3
AWKS #6: Spring Fling Picnic Party
Apr 27
AWKS #5: Farewell Winter Funeral
Mar 29
AWKS #4: Everybody’s Awkward Birthday Party
Mar 1
Is This Seat Taken? at Rhubarb Festival
Feb 13
Haircuts by Children: Copenhagen, Denmark
Feb 06 To Feb 07
AWKS #3: Awkward Pool Party
Feb 1
Get Out of My Room: Toronto
Jan 23 To Jan 26

Ameliorating the Amalgamated
Dec 14
AWKS #2: Getting Grizzly Awkward Dance Party
To Nov 30
Homework II: Long Forms / Short Utopias Conference
Nov 8 To Nov 10
All the Sex I’ve Ever Had: Prague, Czech Republic
Nov 7 To Nov 8
Layering Reality: the Right to Mask Conference
Oct 31
AWKS Dance Party Series
Oct 26
Haircuts by Children: Ghent, Belgium
Oct 19 To Oct 20
The Children’s Choice Awards: Ruhr, Germany 2013
Jul 07 To Oct 06
Dada Data: Art For the Brain at Nuit Blanche
Oct 5 To Oct 6
Small Talk in Daft Hell
Oct 1 To Oct 3
All the Sex I’ve Ever Had: Philadelphia, USA
Sept 13 To Sept 14
WE’RE 20! COME PARTY WITH US! Thursday July 18th
Jul 18
How to Hook Up: Toronto
Jan 01 To Jun 30
Eat the Street: Cork, Ireland
Jun 21 To Jun 29
Future Tastes of Toronto: At the Kids’ Table
Jun 15 To Jun 16
Ask a Teenager: Vancouver, Canada
May 30 To Jun 2
These Are the People in Your Neighbourhood: Adelaide, Australia
May 25
All the Sex I’ve Ever Had: Glasgow, Scotland
May 09 To May 11
Acting Like an Idiot
Jan 11 To Feb 01

Congratulations to Ana-Marija Stojic, winner of the 2012 Timothy Comeau Award!
To Apr 18