Current Touring Projects

Everything Has Disappeared

What would happen if every Filipino person in our society suddenly…disappeared? Everything Has Disappeared tells the story of a mysterious and horrific supernatural event in which every single Filipino person in the entire world suddenly vanishes.

The Last Minutes Before Mars

We look longingly into the night sky at that small red dot and foolishly dream of beginning again, as if our daily struggles on Earth will be more easily resolved at -65° and with the help of high doses of cosmic radiation. Mixing live performance & VR experience, we invite you into the world of a group of young people to meet their family, their friends and spend time in the precious spaces of their lives.

Walk With Me While I Remember You

Moving through a nature path, we follow a series of young people as they direct us through the inexorable web of love, grief and hope. Vast, subtle and gently unfolding, this performance offers profound moments of meaning and glimpses of lives lived and lost.

All The Sex I’ve Ever Had

A community of wise elders offer advice gleaned from their vast life expertise. Our elders have a lot to teach us and a lot to share, while showing that aging can yield a way of being open, generous and fearless.

Nightwalks with Teenagers

Through the power of walking, teens and adults are brought together for a unique social experience in a shared place and time, following common paths and connected futures.

Sex, Drugs & Criminality

Teens collide with courageous artists to reach across the gaping intergenerational chasm, to see if they can connect even just the tips of their fingers and, together, have a very frank discussion about three of the most confusing topics in the universe.

These Are The People In Your Neighbourhood

An audience is taken on a street-proofing and community fortification performance led by children that are fuelled by curiosity about the world with an enthusiasm to share it.

Haircuts by Children

You’re invited to take part in an event that will test your courage and faith in the future through a whimsical relational performance that playfully engages with the enfranchisement of children, trust in the younger generation, and the thrills and chills of vanity.


An audience is invited to enter a very different world, a world where the tables are turned, and the teens rule the roost through a curated series of performances, events and interventions.

Eat The Street

A crack-team of children are trained as restaurant critics and are charged with offering their brutally honest, uncensored opinions on restaurants’ food, service, decor, and the charm of their waiters.

The Children’s Choice Awards

A frank group of children are invited to see the art, take notes, review, critique and vote on all a Festival has to offer. Subverting traditional jury structures, the children call the shots, and in their own Award Ceremony tell us exactly what they think.

Compelling Telling

Socially-engaged artists engage in hands-on exercises and activities that explore complexity science, dynamic systems, and the generosity and potential of the public sphere. Workshops are concluded with playful artistic interventions created in collaboration with neighbourhood shop-owners.

The Human Collider

A simple but powerful format used to create new performance works. We work with two very different populations and, together, do something very unusual that produces a bespoke experience and performance tailored to a specific community.

The City Streets Are Made For Fast Feet

A group of teenagers learn about socially-engaged practice through a small selection of Social High Intensity Interval Training exercises. Following these exercises, the teenage participants are split into teams in the centre of the city and let loose to create a transcendent moment of overwhelming beauty.

Emergence: Planning The Unplannable

An overview of the science of complexity and how it relates to managing teams, leading organizations or keeping an eye on the complexities of one’s career and personal life. Darren shares ways of understanding complexity, change and how to make room for the unexpected to emerge.