TEENTAL Germany - Martin Steffen

Sex, Drugs & Criminality

Sex, Drugs and Criminality collides teenagers with the most famous and courageous artists in the world. The teens are invited to ask the artists any questions they want; the artists are invited to refuse any questions they want. The two groups reach across the yawning and gaping intergenerational chasm, to see if they can connect even just the tips of their fingers and, together, have a very very very frank discussion about three of the most confusing topics in the universe: sex, drugs and criminality. Warning: mature themes and audience participation…

Presentation History

Muscarium#7; Sintra, Portugal
Homo Novus; Riga, Latvia
ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival; Kuopio, Finland
Week 53 & The Lowry; Salford-Quays, England
ZONA K & Triennale Teatro dell'Arte; Milan, Italy
Ruhrtriennale; Duisberg, Germany

Original Tour Credits

The Original Touring Production of Sex, Drugs & Criminality at ANTI Festival, Kuopio in 2019 was:
Conceived and Directed by Darren O’Donnell
Produced by Tina Fance
with Production Assistance by Jana Eiting, Kathy Vuu and Emma Rose

Sex, Drugs & Criminality was originally developed at Ruhrtriennale, Duisberg in 2017 and was:
Conceived and Directed by Darren O’Donnell
Co-Directed by Jana Eiting & Wendell Williams
with Local Coordination and Production Support by Cathrin Rose & Caroline Wolter
and Teenage Collaboration by The Torontonians and Mit Ohne Alles