These are the Artists in Your Neighbourhood

These Are The Artists In Your Neighbourhood brings together a bunch of high school students from Thomas A. Stewart Secondary School with a bunch of artists from in and around the metropolis of Peterborough.

The deal: the students visit the artists’ studios and are permitted to ask any questions they want; the artists welcome the students into their studies and are permitted to decline any questions they want. Then we flip it: artists asking, students answering. Then we separate everyone and ask them what they really thought of each other.

The whole thing is recorded and deftly edited, eliminating all but the best bits, which are preserved for your listening pleasure.

What exactly is an artist? What exactly is a student?

Nicole Bauberger
Nomi, Charcoal, Jaina and Alannah interview Nicole Bauberger, an artist with a finely honed skill in oil painting. The students dive into the meaning of ravens in her work, and why she left Peterborough to go to the Yukon. The students define what an arts community is to them, and they find out Nicole loves hosting dinner parties, and chat about the one she hosted inspired by the seven deadly sins.

Listen to These Are The Artists In Your Neighbourhood: Nicole Bauberger

Anita Murphy
Emileah, Alyssa, Devan and Khoi interview Anita Murphy, an artist who has been painting for several years and has work showcased in private collections throughout the world. She opens up about the emotions and challenges that inspire her artwork, and they all share what their biggest influence is. Anita simply loves to paint, and the students realize she’s just like the really wise guy in Kung Fu Panda.

Listen to These Are The Artists In Your Neighbourhood: Anita Murphy

Kathryn Durst
Jay, Leo, Isabella, Violet and AJ interview Kathryn Durst, a printmaker and illustrator. They all talk about whether their art reflects their personalities and the hardest part of being in high school. AJ and Kathryn bond over the names for their chickens, and the students ponder on what kind of emo phase Kathyrn had in her teenage days.

Listen to These Are The Artists In Your Neighbourhood: Kathryn Durst

Alice Olsen Williams
Tigerlily, Eliott, Sophie, Marshall and Molly interview Alice Olsen Williams, an artist known for her meticulous hand-quilting in her bed coverings and wall hangings. Alice tells the students about her upbringing on Trout Lake and opens up about her experiences with the church. The students talk about their own passions and ask Alice a very important question, what’s your opinion on tomato soup?

Listen to These Are The Artists In Your Neighbourhood: Alice Olsen Williams

Gillian Turnham
Grimm, Sephira, Aither and Neo interview Gillian Turnham, an artist interested in tessellating geometric patterns. They break the ice with Fire in the Barn and go deeper into Gillian’s history on why becoming an artist was the only option, after moving from England to Peterborough when she was a teenager. The students share their own journey with the arts and the revelating question of “What’s your favourite colour?” leads into a story how an injury caused Gillian to suddenly love the colour green.

Listen to These Are The Artists In Your Neighbourhood: Gillian Turnham

Melanie Marion McCall
Aaliyah, Emmy, Molly, Taylor and Rayner interview Melanie McCall, a Textile Artist with a practice spanning over 20 years. Melanie kicks it off with her love of animals, notably the donkeys she cares for at the Donkey Sanctuary. Melanie shares the hardest part about being an artist (spoiler, it’s the finances) and Melanie digs deep and asks the students how they are dealing with the evergrowing battle of assumptions vs expectations as a teenager. The students share that they would in fact be friends with Melanie in high school.

Listen to These Are The Artists In Your Neighbourhood: Melanie Marion McCall

Project Credits

Produced by: Mammalian Diving Reflex
Presented by: Public Energy Performing Arts
Guest Artists: Nicole Bauberger, Anita Murphy, Kathryn Durst, Alice Olsen Williams, Gillian Turnham, Melanie Marion McCall

Students: Isabella Bravo, Tigerlily Cochrane, Marshall Coker, Rayner Crosby-Bobette, Elliot Cruikshank, Alyssa Cui, Sophie Cuthbert, Khoi Diamond, Leo Francis, Aaliyah Frederick, Molly Gabriel, Alannah Getz, Emileah Gray-Brady, Taylor Hoffard, Jay Hopkins, AJ Livings, Grimm McKay, Talulah (Nomi) McKenzie, Devan Nobes, Jaina Picken, Neo Purdue, Charcoal Reid, Aither Safar, Emmy Tye, Sephira Wildheart, Violet Wuis

Collaboration with Thomas A. Stewart Secondary School under the guidance of teachers Andrew Bigg & Lesley Givens

Producers/Co-Directors: Isabel Ahat, Virginia Antonipillai, Marie Lola Minimo

Sound Engineer & Editor: Michael Tobin Fiore
Sound Designer: Jonathan Kawchuk
Curator & Artist Liaison: Laurel Paluck
Producer: Bill Kimball
Videographer: Michael Morritt
Marketing: Shannon McKenzie LeBlanc

These Are The Artists In Your Neighbourhood is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, and Ontario Trillium Foundation’s Resiliency Fund.