Projects in Development

Enter the Gorshey (2024)

Created by Mammalian Diving Reflex in collaboration with Nineteen59, Enter the Gorshey is inspired by centuries-old, massive, intergenerational Tibetan dance gatherings.

Under the direction of local young people in and around the neighbourhoods of Parkdale and Etobicoke, Enter the Gorshey invites audiences to go through several stages of learning various facets of Tibetan culture – from the origin of Momos to Tibetan Buddhism, to achieve the ultimate right of passage. You are not just an audience; you will have to learn, engage and win the trust of the young people, to earn your place, and Enter the Gorshey.

The public city event will take place at Amos Waites Park in Toronto this July 27th from 1-3pm during Tibetan Heritage Month.

Project Credits

The Original Production of Enter The Gorshey at Amos Waites Park with Arts in the Parks is:
By Mammalian Diving Reflex & Nineteen59
Produced by Ngawang Luding, Virginia Antonipillai, and Tenwang Wangmo

Presentation History

Arts in the Parks (2024)

The Book of Spin (2024/25)

The Book of Spin compiles various “recipes” intended to inspire game-like small experiences performed telephonically (aka: “spins”) that will take place in the real world, providing instructions for groups of audience members to wander their neighbourhoods and engage with the world around them.

The Book of Spin will contain instructions, templates and spins written by Mammalian artists, to be published in Volume 4 of Wonder Fool’s ‘Positive Stories for Negative Times’ in 2024/25. 

Produced by Mammalian Diving Reflex
Conceived by Fjoralba Qerimaj, Chiara Prodi & Darren O’Donnell

The Book of Spin is supported by The Canada Council’s Co-Production grant.