Projects in Development

Everything Has Disappeared

Everything Has Disappeared is a collaboration with Winnipeg’s Hazel Venzon, the Associate Artist at Prairie Theatre Exchange, UBC academic Dr. Geraldine Pratt, Young Mammal Nerupa Somasale and Australian associate Alice Fleming. This development project presents a fictional reality in which the world’s Filipino population – many of whom are economic migrants working low-level service and care jobs in affluent areas around the world – suddenly one day simply disappear. Featuring the research of economists, demographers, sociologist and human geographers, Everything Has Disappeared examines the contribution of Filipino migrant labour to the world economy and the implications to our global economy should it suddenly vanish.

The Last Days Before Mars

We are in the early stages of development for a new project created in collaboration with a group of teenagers from ITAS Guilio Natta in Milan! The show contrasts the day-to-day of life with fantastic (and unrealistic) visions of saving civilization from its own excesses by quietly sliding Earth a pink slip and heading off to colonize Mars.

Developed in collaboration with Zona K and Teatro dell’Arte Triennale.