Emergence: Planning The Unplannable

Emergence: Planning the Unplannable is a quick overview of the science of complexity and how it relates to managing teams, leading organizations or keeping an eye on the complexities of one’s career and personal life. 

Described by some as a ‘motivational talk,’ Darren shares ways of understanding complexity, change and how to make room for the unexpected to emerge. These techniques are particularly useful in situations where there is the desire to evolve beyond old hierarchies, structures and mind-sets, and are very amenable to facilitating, promoting and fostering diversity of ideas, viewpoints and people. 

The workshop is for those who are interested in shaking up the routines of their lives, careers, organizations or initiatives and will be very participatory, brains-on and feet-on. Be prepared to move.

Presentation History

HOTA (Home of the Arts); Gold Coast, Australia
National Theatre Taipei & Prototype Paradise; Taipei, Taiwan
Neighborhood Arts Network; Toronto, Canada