The Human Collider

The Human Collider is a simple but powerful format we sometimes use to create new performance works, or work with as just an intensive exercise for our workshops. 

The idea is to work with two very different populations and, together, do something very unusual. The performance consists simply of all of us getting onstage and describing what happened to us. 

For example: For Adrift in Gloucester, we brought together some teens from a hip hop club with teens from a drama club and, together, we wandered the streets of Gloucester for a week, offering help to any one who needed it. At the end, we presented our findings. With Millionen! Milliionen! Millionen! we brought together teens with a German background and teens with a Migrant background and went camping together, then got onstage and told the story of what happened on our trip. 

The Human Collider is a format that produces a bespoke experience and performance tailored to a specific community. 

We have used this formula to premiere works such as Adrift in Gloucester (2015), Millionen! Millionen! Millionen! (2015), The Hemsbach Protocol (2016), and LOL100: The Life of Leaders in 100 Objects (2022).

Presentation History

Humboldt Forum; Berlin, Germany
Ruhrtriennale; Essen, Germany
Schauspiel Frankfurt; Frankfurt, Germany
JOLT International Theatre Festival; Gloucester, UK