A teen and an adult walking up a hill at Toronto's Evergreen Brick Works in the fall.

Walk With Me While I Remember You

Walk With Me While I Remember You invites audiences on an extraordinary excursion with local young people, who all share in their experiences of loss and bereavement. 

Moving through a nature path, participants follow a series of young people as they celebrate, laugh, reminisce and release. Vast, subtle and gently unfolding, this performance offers profound moments of meaning and glimpses of lives lived and lost. In today’s society, grief is ever-present and buried. Through this one-on-one participatory walking performance, patrons will be led through a natural environment and given the space to listen, reflect and share. 

Walk With Me While I Remember You is a loving tribute to the joys and heartaches of life, family, and finding connections where we least expect. 

One of the most moving performance experiences I’ve ever encountered.”

Janine Marley, A View from the Box (2023)

Walk With Me While I Remember You amazingly responds to a certain spiritual need of people at this time.”

Tzu-Yu Hung, PhD, University of Toronto’s Centre for Drama, Theatre, and Performance Studies (2023)

This performance challenges the perception that young people are unable to foster these kinds of meaningful moments in life. To me, this is the perfect example of art that heals.”

Sofie, Youth-Performer (2023)

Youth experience is often a lens that is overlooked, specifically in grief. This project gave me the space to share with strangers a bit about my dad and provide insight into the reason I am the person that I am.”

Hope, Youth-Performer (2022)

Presentation History

Evergreen & The Good Mourning Festival; Toronto, Canada
Evergreen; Toronto, Canada

Original Credits

The Original Pilot Production of Walk With Me While I Remember You at Evergreen Brick Works in 2022 was:

Directed by Craig McCorquodale
Produced by Isabel Ahat
Co-ordinated by Marie Lola Minimo
Co-devised by Craig McCorquodale, Isabel Ahat, Marie Lola Minimo, and Darren O’Donnell
Supported by grief therapist Jodi Gorham from J.A.G Village and Associate Artist Nathaniel Hanula-James
with youth collaboration by Calloway, Sofie, Antonietta, and Hope

Walk With Me While I Remember You was supported by Ontario Trillium Foundation’s Resiliency Fund.