The Torontonians
Young Mammals
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  • Ryan Lewis /
    Associate Producer & Communications Coordinator
    Ryan Lewis is a British-born Australian producer and arts administrator currently based in Canada. Ryan graduated from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts with a Bachelor of Arts in Arts Management in 2014 and in 2015, Ryan created his independent production company RL Productions in Melbourne, Australia. With RL Productions, Ryan produced multiple theatrical works, including three World Premieres. Ryan's employment history includes Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Patrick Roberge Productions, The Production Company, Back to Back Theatre, The Victorian State School Spectacular, Opera Australia's The King & I and Well Managed Productions.
  • Alana Wilcox /
    Treasurer, Board of Directors
    Alana Wilcox is the Editorial Director of Coach House Books, an independent publisher in Toronto that focuses on literary fiction, poetry, drama, books about Toronto, and a non-fiction imprint, Exploded Views, of short and pithy books on cultural subjects. Coach House has published six books by Darren O'Donnell. Alana has been on the boards of several associations, including the Literary Press Group, the Association of Canadian Publishers, and the Humber School for Writers. She is also the author of a long-out-of-print novel.
  • Jessica Dargo Caplan /
    As the Director of Public Programs and Engagement with the Koffler Centre of the Arts, Jessica develops cross-disciplinary projects, engaging diverse perspectives through meaningful, participatory and inclusive arts experiences. Jessica also serves on the Board of Directors at CultureLink Settlement & Community Services and Theatre Direct, in addition to consulting on the advisory committee for WeeFestival. She earned her M.Ed at the University of Toronto/OISE, and her B.A. in Art History at McGill University.
  • Thipeeshan Balakrishnan /
    Thipeeshan Balakrishnan is a core member of the Torontonians. He has been affiliated with projects since 2011, including various Dare Nights and AWKS. He also travelled to Germany as part of the Teentalitarianism team at the Ruhrtriennale (2016). He is currently enrolled at York University, pursuing a degree in Space Engineering.
  • Tina Fance /
    Artistic Producer
    Tina Fance is a Performance Maker and Producer based in Toronto. She holds a BFA in Theatre from York University, Toronto, and an MA in Performance Making from Goldsmiths College, University of London. As a producer, Tina is interested in helping to facilitate and support performances that are innovative and experimental in form and content and has worked at Theatre Passe Muraille (Toronto), and SummerWorks Performance Festival (Toronto). As an artist her practice entails the undertaking and documenting of a task and the relationship of documentation to the formation of identity - her work has been shown at Camden People's Theatre (London) and SummerWorks Performance Festival (Toronto). Follow her on Instagram for some real cute pics of her cat Jake (@tinafance). Tina has Directed, Co-Directed, and Co-Produced All the Sex I've Ever Had in Vienna, Colchester, Melbourne, and Austin and Haircuts By Children in Vienna (Austria), Hull (UK), and Altenburg (Germany), as well as Teentalitarianism in Milan (Italy).
  • Annalise Prodor /
    Operations Manager & Artistic Associate
    Annalise Prodor is a multi-disciplinary artist interested in all facets of art-making. She has a BFA from NSCAD University in Halifax, Nova Scotia (2011). Along with her art practice, Annalise became an arts administrator for organizations like the Centre for Art Tapes and NSCAD University, wanting to help facilitate and contribute to an accessible conversation about art for all people. In her own practice she researches ideas of femininity, gender, and issues of a digital Westernized culture: consumerism, complacency, privilege, and the declining state of the environment. Annalise has participated in many exhibitions in and out of the gallery and often thinks fondly about her dreamiest residency experience as an artist-in-residence with White Rabbit Arts at Red Clay Farm in Upper Economy, Nova Scotia (2015). ( (photo by Eliot Wright). Annalise has toured with Mammalian as Co-Director and Co-Producer on The Children's Choice Awards in Kyoto, Japan (Oct 2017), All the Sex I've Ever Had in Austin, Texas (April 2018), and Teentalitarianism in Salford-Quays, UK (May 2018).
  • James Mapes /
    Technical Director
    James is a lighting designer, science fiction writer, board game designer, and all-around person living and working in Portland, Oregon, USA. Although he primarily works in dance, he acts as a Technical Director on All the Sex I've Ever Had, including on the Colchester edition (2017).
  • Wendell Williams /
    Wendell is a regular Mammalian collaborator. He has toured as a Performer/Producer on Teentalitarianism at the Ruhrtriennale Festival in Germany (2016), and on tours of Nightwalks with Teenagers to In Between Time Festival in Bristol and Contact Manchester, UK (2015). He was featured in the film mini-series High School Health created with Luminato Festival (2015), and the short film Sleeping With Family (2015) which has since been screened at Regent Park Film Festival, ReelWorld Festival and Hot Docs International Documentary Festival. Wendell also participated in The Youth Receptiveness Assessment Initiative, Mammalian's artist residence project at the Art Gallery of Ontario (2015). He has participated in various projects other performances and performances including: AWKS: Dance Series, High School Health, Dare Night, Socialist Games, Happy Eatium, Wendell has an eclectic range of interests and always welcomes an intellectual discussion, witty banter, or collaborators to aid him in his mission to dismantle capitalism.
  • Sijia Li /
    Intern 2016
    Before interning with Mammalian as a production assistant, Sijia had previous experience writing for various lifestyle and culture websites in Montreal. She maintains an interest in storytelling in the digital age. During Mammalian’s 2016 tour at the Edinburgh International Festival, Sijia handled social media and photography for the festival’s Official Youth Jury. She is majoring in English at McGill University, expected to graduate in 2017.
  • Kiera O'Brien /
    USA Operative / Intern 2016
    Originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico, Kiera is currently pursuing an interdisciplinary undergraduate degree in Performance, Writing, and Political Thought at College of the Atlantic. In 2016, Kiera collaborated with Mammalian on on several touring projects, including These Are the People In Your Neighbourhood in Reading, UK, Nightwalks with Teenagers in Nyon, Switzerland and Teentalitarianism in Bochum, Germany. In 2017 she will co-direct These Are The People In Your Neighbourhood in Knislinge, Sweden.
  • Lasasha Nesbeth /
    Young Mammal
    Lasasha nesbeth - age 19. Self taught artist. I sing, rap, dance, write poetry, and act. A student who makes skateboards by day, and a performer by night
  • Shirwa Ali /
    Young Mammal
    Shirwa is probably one of the shadiest people you'll ever meet once you get to know him. He enjoys taking pictures as well as being in them and has no chill whats so ever.
  • Sharay Dennis /
    Young Mammal
    Sharay is convinced that the sky is really dry wall hastily covered in craft paint. The clouds could either be insulation or cotton balls. Further tasting is required.
  • Ariadne Cabon /
    Young Mammal
    Hi, I’m Ariadne. I moved to Toronto a few years ago from Athens, Greece. Theatre has interested me from a young age and I have always been involved with theatre in one way or another, whether it be a school play or an independent project. Aside from being a Teen in Residence I’m also a playwright for the Paprika Festival.
  • Areesh Ahmed /
    Young Mammal
    Areesh Ahmed is in grade 9 and is 14 years old. Playing sports and cooking food is my passion. My favourite hobbies are listening to music and reading.
  • Shada Mahdi /
    Young Mammal
    Chè is a mermaid who is a part of an underwater royal family. She has left her kingdom in search of the land above water. Will chès curiosity put her in danger of the unseen land that lives above water?
  • Stefany Donis /
    Young Mammal
    my names Stefany with an f and a y. I love to read but I can't stand clichés (at least not in real life). I've been told I make everything a competition so watch out!
  • Janice Ng /
    Young Mammal
    Janice loves to do her nails and pretend to be a bunny. She loves to piss Steven off and cheese makes Janice very hungry. Also, she is also very happy all the time. <3 :) <3 :) <3 :)
  • Kajian Pulenthirasingam /
    Young Mammal
    This Armadillo is not just an ordinary Armadillo. It is actually me. ARMADILLO MAN TO THE RESCUE. Call me Kajiji ladies ;)
  • Thipashini Bala /
    Young Mammal
    Helllloooo! I'm Thipashini! You're probably really confused by my name,so you can call me Thip ;) I'm a teen living in Parkdale and I love doing stupid things and being wild all the time, basically reppin Parkdale. Anyways, I'm basically a super weird child who loves to jam out to some Drake and Rhianna while chitchatting and smiling for days *
  • Steven Giang /
    2016 Young Mammal
    Steven Giang is a very outgoing person. He loves to hang out with his friends during his free time, also he loves to sell and look at shoes. He is a huge sneakerhead, loves all the Jordans, Nikes, and the Adidas. Not only he is interested in sneakers, he loves to spend his time going to the gym to workout and playing sports such as volleyball and basketball. As a 16 year old Steven would like to live life to it’s fullest, and have fun along the way. Life is too short.
  • Jordan Marshall /
    Young Mammal
    Jordan likes to fix his hair a lot, like he fixes his hair while he's showering. He likes doing math, but he still sucks at it! He likes to talk. A LOT! We're talking "Olympic talking gold medalist" talking a lot. (Hah see what I did there, said talking three times in one sentence).
  • Nanthiya Nanthakumar /
    Young Mammal
    Hey it's Nanthiya! I'm in grade 10 and binge watch too many shows, unfortunately, it's getting out of hand. I also love to bake with my family and friends and LOVE Baymax! balalala
  • Jocelyn Ye /
    Young Mammal
    Jocelyn is a proud supporter of messy hair and sweatpants. Her favourite days are the ones where she can stay at home and watch movies all day. But don't be fooled, Jocelyn also knows how to get out and have fun!
  • Claudia Howard /
    Young Mammal
    I’m pretty young and old at the same time. Witnessed the fight, seen the struggle but all you need in life is love, laughter and a lot of alcohol - don’t worry, I’m of age, lol. I couldn’t live without pizza, fries, chocolate, and maybe brownies but that all falls under love I guess. It’s been a long 19 years but I really feel like I’m 49 years old (my back doesn’t bend like it used to). My sense of humour is still in tack so that’s good! Steppenwolf said I was born to be wild!
  • Fadomo M Heneke /
    Young Mammal
    Fanono (a.k.a. Fadomo M Heneke) always sees the good in people even though she shouldn’t. Fanono is caring and loving, but mama didn’t raise no fool. According to her friends, she’s the funniest person in the world! Be like Fanono, be cool!!!
  • Akeesan Jeeva /
    Young Mammal
    Akeesan is a smart guy. A funny guy. A guy who is as strong as Mike Tyson. I am a robot here on earth to destroy mankind. So basically, DON’T MESS WITH ME
  • Amanda Foulds /
    Intern 2016
    Amanda Foulds is a Drawing and Painting Graduate from OCAD University. As a practicing artist and recent grad, she wanders the world with an abundant curiosity and an abundance of sketchbooks. She enjoys cooking, reading, finding old things, watching cat videos and making art! She currently volunteers with the Teens in Residence at the Theatre Centre and is looking forward to the cool projects they have coming our way! UPdate:A small neighbourhood rabbit in disguise, Amanda wanders with an abundant curiosity, enjoys making art and feels warm if hugged.
  • Christie Woodhouse /
    Intern 2016 (Australia)
    Christie Woodhouse is an aussie artist. In her home base, Sydney, she works, researches, collaborates, and performs with artists and non-artists. She ran into Mammalian in Toronto and wound up back in Sydney with them in 2016 interning on ‘All The Sex I’ve Ever Had’ for the 40th Sydney Festival. She was awarded a Bachelor of Performance from the University of Wollongong in 2013. Her work continues to investigate the relationships between contemporary performance, community engagement, radical pedagogies, and celebration.
  • Megan Exton /
    Intern 2016 (Australia)
    Megan Exton is an Australian artist. She completed her Advanced Diploma in Performing Arts (Dance) at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (Perth, Australia) in 2012 and her Bachelor of Arts (Dance) as a member of LINK Dance Company in 2013. She is currently studying her Masters in Arts Management in Sydney. Outside of her dance training and career she works as an arts administrator/producer and teacher. Interning with Mammalian Diving Reflex on the Sydney Festival Edition of All the Sex I’ve Ever Had in 2016, Megan found huge creative inspiration within social structures and the arts. Currently, she is beginning to create work with friend and collaborator Emily Kennedy to engage in social practice, to make interesting, participatory works that push the boundaries of what is understood as theatre or art, and bust social barriers using art and everyday people.
  • Kalpna Patel /
    Environment Designer
    Kalpna Patel is a self-taught craft artist based in Toronto. Specializing in storefront installations, environment design and event decor, she is devoted to animating the ordinary spaces we occupy in our day to day lives and transforming them into elaborate and immersive dream-like worlds that inspire social and civic engagement, and encourage the growth of new entrepreneurial and artistic endeavors. Photo Credit: Becca Lemire
  • Timothy Comeau /
    Timothy Comeau Award
    The Timothy Comeau Award was created to recognize individuals who have shown exceptional support, interest and love for Mammalian; Timothy Comeau was the inaugural recipient. Timothy is a writer, artist and web developer. He has been a constant supporter of the company, writing about our work, showing up to our events, goofing around and generating the kind of vibe that is essential to us. A Mammalian event without Timothy is a Mammalian event that's happening on another continent. For more on the Timothy Comeau Award, click on Mammalian's Supporters page or go to Timothy's website:
  • Jen MacDonald /
    Intern 2014
    Jen MacDonald is a time-based artist and writer in Toronto. Jen received her BFA in Studio Art and Psychology in 2012 and completed her Masters in Art History at York University. Jen is passionate about community building through healing and resistance.
  • Alexander Chu /
    Netherlands Operative & Intern 2014
    Alexander studied Theatre and Education at the Applied University of the Arts Utrecht in the Netherlands, and works as a theatre-maker with non-professionals, exploring socially engaged topics. As an intern in Toronto Alex worked on a variety of Mammalian projects including Promises to a Divided City, AWKS and All the Sex I've Ever Had: The International Edition. Alex has toured Nightwalks with Teenagers to Nyon and Basel Switzerland.
  • Ngawang Luding /
    Ngawang Luding is a core member of the Torontonians. Ngawang began working with Mammalian in 2012, participating in a year-long mentorship program in association with the Gladstone Hotel called The Producers of Parkdale. He has co-coordinated Nightwalks with Teenagers in Leeds, UK (2013) and Teentalitarianism at the Ruhrtriennale Festival (2016). Ngawang has also collaborated with Mammalian on performances including Dare Night, Socialist Games and the AWKS: Awkward Dance Party Series. He is currently pursuing a degree in Honours Life Sciences at McMaster University.
  • Alice Fleming /
    Australian Operative
    Alice Fleming is a freelance stage manager and arts worker. She has worked extensively with Back to Back Theatre as both a stage manager and associate producer, touring works internationally and making works locally. She has worked with Mammalian on international presentations of Dare Night in Reykjavik, Iceland; The Children's Choice Awards in London, UK; All the Sex I've Ever Had in Sydney, Australia, and as a production assistant on the Singapore set of All the Sex film based on the stage performance. Previously and currently works with Malthouse Theatre, Lucy Guerin Inc, Melbourne Theatre Company, Sydney Festival, Token Events, Chunky Move, All Tomorrow's Parties and Next Wave Festival. She is a graduate of the Victorian College of Art. Alice has taken photos for Portrait Equality Project in Iran, and has spent time as a writing intern for Artconnect Berlin. She is currently learning to skateboard.
  • Tijana Spasic /
    Toronto Operative / Intern 2014
    Tijana is an interdisciplinary artist. She has created performance projects, installations and community driven/educational work. She is Co-Creator of the Mashed Collective, is part of the producing team for the Fun Palace Radio Variety Show and is on the Advisory Board for the Paprika Festival. Some of her projects include: Favours For Strangers, Firebird (LabCab 2014), Memorandum (AfterRock), Mood Swings (Luminato-New Waves), The Bus House (Nuit Blanche), Wesoo Hamlet (bcurrent), Uth Connexion (reConnexion Collective), The Hurt is Astounding (Toronto Fringe), Assistant Set Designer for The Misunderstanding (Lester Trips Theatre). With Mammalian, Tijana has worked on Dare Night (at the Gladstone Hotel, 2016), All The Sex I've Ever Had-International Edition (Luminato Festival), Promises to a Divided City (Theatre Centre). She is currently leading Happy Eatium, Mammalian's 2017 multi-neighbourhood Young Mammals project.
  • Felix Worpenberg /
    Intern: Fall/Winter 2013-14
    Felix holds a B.A. in theatre and media studies and is now doing his M.A. at University of Hildesheim, Germany. He interned with Mammalian from November 2013 to January 2014 and assisted on Young Mammals projects including Get Out of My Room and Promises to a Divided City. He has been involved with various festivals in the performing arts, including PAZZ Festival Oldenburg in 2010 and transeuropa2015.
  • Kiam Lam-Bellissimo /
    Kiam Lam-Bellissimo is a core member of the Torontonians. Kiam began working with Mammalian in 2012 as a project coordinator for Nightwalks with Teenagers in Leeds, UK and Hamilton, ON. Since then, he has collaborated on several projects including: How to Hook Up, AWKS: Dance Series and Promises to a Divided City, and also worked on the AGO Youth Receptiveness Assessment Initiative, where he conducted surveys and helped with installation as a part of Mammalian’s residency at the gallery in 2014-15. Kiam travelled to Germany as part of the Teentalitarianism team at the Ruhrtriennale (2016) and co-led Dare Night in Reykjavik, Iceland (2016). He is a full-time student at York University studying Engineering.
  • Isabel Ahat /
    Financial Coordinator, Torontonian & Intern 2015
    Isabel Ahat is Mammalian’s Financial Coordinator and a core member of the Torontonians, as well as a regular creative collaborator. She began working with Mammalian in 2009, collaborating on the project Eat the Street in association with Parkdale Public School. Isabel has since participated in various projects and performances including: The Producers of Parkdale, Dare Night: Lockdown, How to Hook Up, AWKS: Dance Series, At the Kids Table presented by Luminato Festival, and Factory Photobooth at the Art Gallery of Ontario. She has also worked with the company as an Administrative Intern and Development Assistant. Isabel has toured Nightwalks with Teenagers to Riga, Latvia and Basel, Switzerland. She currently at Ryerson University studying Accounting and Finance.
  • Virginia Antonipillai /
    Torontonian & Intern 2015
    Virginia Antonipillai is a core member of the Torontonians. She began collaborating with Mammalian in 2010 as a Project Coordinator for Nightwalks with Teenagers in Cape Breton, NS, and has continued to tour with the performance to Leeds, UK, Hamilton, ON and Newcastle, UK. Virginia has also participated in numerous projects and performances including: The Producers of Parkdale (2011-12), Dare Night: Lockdown (2012), How to Hook Up (2013), AWKS: Awkward Dance Party Series (2013-14), Promises to a Divided City (2014) and Teens Talk Theatre (2015). She also starred in the film series High School Health (2014) and short film Teen Thoughts (2015). In 2014, Virginia completed a production and communications internships with the company. She also travelled to Germany in 2016 as part of the Teentaliarianism team at the Ruhrtriennale. Virginia is a full-time student at McMaster University.
  • Oldenburgisches Staatstheater / Pazz Festival /
    Development Partner
    The Oldenburgisches Staatstheater, founded in 1833 and the smallest state theatre in Germany today, presents itself as a lively place for theatre of six types of performance at four different venues in Oldenburg, Germany. The Staatstheater was a development and production partner in All the Sex I've Ever Had, which was presented at the Pazz Festival (in development) in 2010, and as a world premiere in 2012.
  • Maile Zox /
    Intern 2012
    Maile Zox is an American performance artist based in Vermont. She is always trying new things but they always end up as performances. In 2012, she divided her time between Bennington College, where she received a Bachelors in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Drama, and Toronto, where she was Mammalian's intern extraordinaire. She collaborated with The Torontonians for their Dare Nights, as well as acted as a part time singing teacher for the collective. She worked hard in the Mammalian office to master the art of arts administration. A graduate of Dah Teatar's (Belgrade, Serbia) International School for Acting, Maile specializes in physical theatre, and hopes to one day be able to create meaningful works which challenge our everyday preconceptions about one another and get paid for it. Maile has previously worked for the Bronx Opera Company doing costumes, as well as Theatre Askew (New York), Sikelia Productions (New York), and ArtSpot Productions (New Orleans).
  • Effie Tassiopoulos /
    Intern 2012
    Effie is completely hopeless but found new meaning in life while interning at Mammalian. She has helped with various Mammalian projects such as These Are the People in Your Neighbourhood, Dare Night and The Producers of Parkdale. Effie is a teacher, having completed her B.Ed. at OISE/University of Toronto. She enjoys laughing, crying, eating pizza with teenagers, translating from French to English and teaching the occasional art class. Effie also holds a B.A. from McGill University, a Graduate Diploma from Concordia University and a M.A. from York University.
  • Ana-Marija Stojic /
    Young Mammals & Toronto Operative
    Ana-Marija completed her undergraduate studies at York University in Theatre and the Community Arts Practice Certificate Program. She enjoys directing, acting and writing in theatre, although she prefers to watch a movie over a play any day. She directed a show entitled Excuse Me, Would You Like to Buy a Bar? for the 2011 Paprika Festival, which was then selected to continue on to the Fringe festival. She will be co-directing an established Western show called Sundance for this upcoming Fringe festival. She has worked with The Torontonians to present Dare Nights, Friday Night Labs, Nightwalks with Teenagers, and co-directed Teens in Residence at The Theatre Centre (2016).
  • Natalie Romano /
    Intern 2012
    Natalie is completed her Masters in Art History at Western University of Ontario (London). She is interested in public art and how it engages with the community, so it's no surprise that she found herself collaborating with Mammalian. In the fall of 2010 she interned in the Education Department at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, Italy; in 2011, she worked for the National Art Gallery of Canada at the Canada Pavilion for the 2011 Venice Biennale, and interned and assistant-curated for Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener + Area (CAFKA)'s biennial, Survive. Resist., in Kitchener-Waterloo. It was there that Natalie began working for Mammalian as a Project Coordinator for Faith Exchange. She interned with the company in summer 2012.
  • Krys Verrall /
    Vice President & Secretary, Board of Directors
    Krys is an art and cultural critic, and educator in the Department of Humanities Children's Studies Program at York University, Toronto. Her scholarship explores the intersection of the complex politics of race, age and citizenship with avant-garde aesthetic practices. Her work on 1960s conceptual art and civil rights movements appears in an anthology on sixties material culture (edited D. Anastakis, McGill-Queen's 2008); and two forthcoming publications: The Aesthetics of Transcultural Revolution: Freedom Songs in Halifax and Toronto 1965 to 1967 (Topia, March 2011); and artscanada's Black Issue: 1690s International Avant-gardes and African Liberation Movements (Canadian Journal of COmmunications, under review). Currently she is co-editing a book on art works created through collaborations between children and artists, architects and designers (with Bill Burns for Denmark's Krabbesholm Books, 2011). The book features projects such as Mammalian Diving Reflex's 2009 performance Eat the Street. You can find her CV and other related information at
  • Hazel Venzon /
    Central Canadian Operative
    Hazel is a regular Mammalian collaborator who has toured international performances with the company since 2007. Hazel is a freelance actor, performance artist, writer, director, and producer. She is rooted in Sculpture and Performance Art (University of Manitoba's School of Fine Art in Winnipeg, MB) and formal Acting Training (Studio 58 in Vancouver, BC). As an actor, she has collaborated with many of Vancouver's independent theatre companies: Rumble Productions, Ruby Slippers, Boca del Lupo, Caravan Farm, The Chop Theatre Replacement and Urban Crawl. She uses every opportunity to be creative, primarily through the use of video, drawing and food. Her most renowned solo works include *boombox, and **EMBRACE. Her collaborative credits in Toronto include works with Volcano Theatre and Fu-Gen. She is co-founder of THEATRE FOR THE NEXT GENERATION, a performance creation program for people aged 5-12, where students are the teachers. Hazel continues to capture who Canadians are today by producing and writing for theatre communities of ethnic diversity, including Filipinos in Whitehorse, YT. Hazel is also a Doula ( and advocate for slow, natural births. She is a believer in social engagement art, constantly looking for ways to interface with others of different cultures than her own, of all ages, and of dynamic social beliefs. Hazel has coordinated Haircuts by Children in Darwin, Enschede, Glasgow, Gent, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Bologna, Vancouver, Victoria, and Winchester (UK).
  • Jana Eiting /
    German Operative
    Jana is a freelance artist for Mammalian Diving Reflex. She has co-coordinated, co-directed, and co-produced a number of projects, particularly in Germany. She has worked on The Children's Choice Awards at the Pazz Festival (2012) and Ruhrtriennale International Arts Festival (2012, 2013, 2014); and on All The Sex I've Ever Had at the Pazz Festival (2012), Schlachthaus Bern (2012), Kampnagel Hamburg (2016), and at Wiener Festwochen (2017). She co-directed the development and performance of the Hemsbach Protocol in Hemsbach, the Pfalzbau in Ludwigshafen and the Schauspiel Frankfurt (2016). Jana also co-directed the performance Millionen! Millionen! Millionen! (2015) and Teentalitarismus at the Ruhrtriennale (2016, 2017). Jana recently started to make films, her latest one is Jule goes Cosplay (2017) that she made in collaboration with MitOhneAlles. She finished her masters degree in transcultural studies at the Universität Bremen in 2017.
  • Konstantin Bock /
    German Operative
    Konstantin is a film and theatre artist. He first worked with Mammalian in 2009 for the development of All the Sex I've Ever Had, and has co-directed the project all over the world - including in Oldenburg, Germany (2010-2012); Bern, Switzerland (2012); Singapore (2012); Glasgow, Scotland (2013); Prague, Czech Republic (2013); Toronto, Canada (2014); Philadelphia, USA (2013); Portland, USA (2014); and Sydney, Australia (2016). He has also done stage design, lighting, video and photography work for Mammalian, for projects such as Millionen! Millionen! Millionen!, All the Sex and Teentalitarianism. His documentary, Hattie Goes Cruising, featuring Hank from the Philadelphia edition of All the Sex, has been presented in film festivals around the world. Visit his website:
  • Nicole Bazuin /
    Video Designer
    Nicole is a Toronto-based filmmaker, visual artist and curator. She is a graduate of Ryerson University's film program and a recipient of the Universal Studios Scholarship and HSBC Filmmaker's Award. Her documentary "The Pill" was featured in TVO's Allen King Film Festival and she recently directed the documentary "Women in Comics" for ArtSync TV. Her thesis film, the original musical "Lady Late Nite" has screened internationally and is distributed by Ouat! Media. She directed the interactive video installation "Honey, I'm Home!" for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2011. Nicole is a founding member of the Madeleine Collective, and has completed various film projects with the Collective over the past 5 years. Nicole has collaborated with Mammalian on several films, including High School Health (2014); Sleeping with Family (2015) and Teen Thoughts (2015).
  • Martin and Smörre /
    Sound Designers
    Martin and Smörre are ISOLA MUSIC. They're musicians and sound designers, and composers of music for silent movies and theater performances. Not only are they creative partners, but also good friends--both were born in Bavaria in 1975, met at high school and went to the same college and university. They now live in Hamburg and Oldenburg (Germany) and visit each other often. Martin and Smorre recently composed and directed the music for All the Sex I've Ever Had at the Pazz Festival in Oldenburg, Germany and toured with the performance to Auawirleben in Bern, Switzerland.
  • Kathy Vuu /
    Kathy Vuu is a core and founding member of the Torontonians. She has collaborated with Mammalian on numerous projects including: The Producers of Parkdale, Dare Night: Lockdown, Nightwalks with Teenagers, How to Hook Up, Promises to a Divided City, the film mini-series High School Health and the short film Teen Thoughts. Kathy has toured with Mammalian as a Performer/Producer for Nightwalks with Teenagers in Basel, Switzerland (2016), Leeds, UK (2012), Hamilton, Ontario (2012) and Cape Breton, NS (2011); and to Germany as part of the Teentalitarianism team at the Ruhrtriennale (2016). In spring 2016, Kathy presented a talk and workshop at the Lunenberg Symposium on Mentorship in the Arts with Director of Creative Production, Eva Verity. In the fall of 2014, she travelled to Windsor, ON to attend the Neighbourhood Spaces Symposium, where she gave a talk on the Torontonians and co-facilitated the project Home Tours. Kathy is also an actor and dancer who has been involved with Mashed Collective, and has starred in several stage-based productions including: Think Pink (Parkdale Public School), Fruit and Time Travel (Nate Wilson, RHSA), Safe To Connect (Stephen Wei/Kim Snider, RHSA), Hair and Cabaret (John Blakey, RHSA) and Picture Identity-ed (York University). She is an active embroiderer who sells her work at Nude Collective. She is currently studying Theatre at York University.
  • Tenzin Chozin /
    Tenzin Chozin is a core and founding member of the Torontonians. He has collaborated on several projects and performances including: The Producers of Parkdale, How to Hook Up, Dare Night: Lockdown, Dare Night, and the film Teen Thoughts, created for the CBC’s digital arts project, ‘The Collective'. Chozin has co-coordinated Haircuts by Children in Winchester, England (2016) and Nightwalks with Teenagers in Nyon, Switzerland (2016). In 2014 Chozin traveled with Mammalian to Germany where he gave talks about the Torontonians’ work and methodologies at the Ruhrtriennale Festival and to arts practitioners in Hamburg and Mannheim. In 2015, he joined Mammalian for the research phase of The Hemsbach Protocol, living with Darren in the Luisenhof Hotel in Hemsbach Germany with local refugees. In 2016, he travelled to Germany as part of the Teentalitarianism team at the Ruhrtriennale. Chozin has completed an internship as a Sales Administrator at the Bank of Montreal and is studying Financial Mathematics at Wilfrid Laurier University.
  • Tenzin Chosang /
    Tenzin Chosang, Chosang (as he likes to be called) or the Chodog is an awesome person. He is known by others as “the boy who is good at everything” or a jack of all trades, or naturally talented! He’s a BMX-er by day and a singer by night, but he likes to keep that a secret. Chosang is a very sweet man and a terrific dresser! He hopes to win the girl of his dreams, succeed in life and be the best forever!
  • Sanjay Ratnan /
    Sanjay is a regular collaborator who has worked on several Mammalian projects and performances. He has toured Nightwalks with Teenagers to Newcastle, UK, Leeds, UK and Riga, Latvia; he was also part of the Teentalitarianism team at the Ruhrtriennale Festival in Germany (2016). He's also worked on: Parkdale Public School vs. Queen St. West, The Producers of Parkdale, How to Hook Up, Dare Night: Lockdown, Dare Night, Factory Photo Booth at the Art Gallery of Ontario, the film mini-series High School Health created for Luminato Festival, and the short film Teen Thoughts created for the CBC's digital arts project, 'The Collective'. It is as a result of Sanjay's initiative and interest as a teen more than five years ago, that Mammalian created Young Mammals, our youth wing dedicated to creation, mentorship and training young artists, for which he received Mammalian's Timothy Comeau Award (2010), which recognizes individuals who have shown exceptional support, interest and love for Mammalian. Sanjay is also a comedian, he acts, sings, raps and always tries to have fun; he likes going to concerts, traveling, eating cultural food, and takes modelling classes. He is studying Art Foundations, Graphic Design and Interaction Design at George Brown College.
  • Anupa Khemadasa /
    Volunteer Extraordinaire
    Anupa is an IT Consultant and cellist living in Toronto. She grew up in Colombo, Sri Lanka under the hot sun of her tempestuous and brilliant father, composer Premasiri Khemadasa, who shook Sri Lanka's sonic scene many times in the past half century. Anupa moved to Prague, Czech Republic to study cybernetics in 1989 (3 months before the Velvet Revolution) where she spent many, many years. She has performed numerous times in Sri Lanka, Europe, Canada and the US. Most recently, she toured in the US with the PhoolanDevi Opera. She directed music for the Sri Lankan movie Thanha Rathi Raga together with her composer sister Gayathri, to be released in March 2013 in Sri Lanka. Anupa also manages the Khemadasa Foundatio - an institute established by her father in 1993 to give free education in music and arts to the underprivileged youth of Sri Lanka.
  • Dana Liu /
    HR Representative, Board of Directors
    "Dana is a University of Toronto graduate with a Major in Biological Anthropology and Specializing in Criminology. She is currently working at the Bank of Nova Scotia and holds a position on the Board of Directors for Mammalian. She aids the company with legal and policy issues and has been involved with the company since a young age. She was most involved with Mammalian as a member of Torontonians and has been present since the group was first formed in 2010. However, her first formal encounter with mammalian was actually in 2008, during a Project called Parkdale Public School Vs. Queen st. West. This means a large portion of her life has been involved with the company; working with Mammalian has really been a life changing experience full of crazy adventures. Dana hopes that her crazy adventures with Mammalian can continue even past her term as a Board Member."
  • Ahash Jeevakanthan /
    President, Board of Directors
    Ahash Jeeva is an active member of Mammalian’s Board of Directors, and a core member of the Torontonians. He began working with Mammalian in 2009 as a collaborator on Eat the Street in association with Parkdale Public School, and as one of the founding Torontonians, he has participated in numerous projects and performances including: Producers of Parkdale, Dare Night: Lockdown, How to Hook Up, Promises to a Divided City and the film How To Be a Brown Teen. Ahash has toured with Mammalian as a Project Coordinator for Nightwalks with Teenagers in Cape Breton, NS, Leeds, UK and Hamilton, ON. He is currently a student at the University of Toronto studying Life Sciences.
  • Eva Verity /
    Associate Artist
    Eva's interest in the relationships between art, social structures and institutions led her to Mammalian Diving Reflex in 2008 as an intern for Parkdale Public School vs. Queen St. West. She has toured Haircuts by Children, The Children's Choice Awards, Eat the Street, Nightwalks with Teenagers, These Are the People in Your Neighbourhood and All the Sex I've Ever Had to: Adelaide, Austin, Bern, Brussels, Cagliari, Copenhagen, Cork, Darwin, Edinburgh, Gent, Kitchener-Waterloo, Kuopio, Melbourne, Newcastle, Norwich, Nyon, Oldenburg, Perth, Philadelphia, Portland, Prague, Reading, Regina, Riga, Sydney, Terni and Whitehorse. Eva has worked as a bilingual (French/ English) closed captioner for film and television, as a professional body artist, and has volunteered with Myseum, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and the imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival. Her illustrations have appeared in Broken Pencil Magazine, at the AGO (as part of Mammalian's artist residency, and at Theatre Centre (as part of Mammalian's performance Promises to a Divided City). She completed a combined Honours B.A in art history and cultural studies at McMaster University, is a graduate of the M.A art history program at York University, and completed a business certificate in Leadership from University of Toronto. ( (photo by Daniel Lastres-Rodriguez)
  • Nerupa Somasale Asingua /
    Nerupa's first collaboration with Mammalian was on the film Show and Tell, part of Parkdale Public School vs. Queen Street West (2008). She starred in the short film How to Be a Brown Teen as a lead character, and has participated in various projects and performances including: The Producers of Parkdale, How to Hook Up, AWKS: Dance Series and Promises to a Divided City. Nerupa is the creator and co-host of Dare Night, which recently toured to Reykjavik, Iceland and the Ruhrtriennale Festival in Germany (2016) and has performed at the Gladstone Hotel, gallery west and the Art Gallery of Ontario. Nerupa was a youth mentor and Project Coordinator for Teen Talks Theatre, a teens-in-residence program at the Theatre Centre (2015), and in 2014, she collaborated with Mammalian as the artistic lead and coordinator for Get Out of My Room, part of the Gladstone Hotel's Come Up to My Room exhibition. This collaboration and Mammalian's residency at the hotel led her to a position as a Marketing Intern, and she now works at the Gladstone as a Marketing Assistant. Nerupa continues to collaborate regularly with Mammalian, and is studying History at Ryerson University.
  • Darren O'Donnell /
    Artistic & Research Director
    Darren O’Donnell is a novelist, essayist, playwright, director, designer and performer. His books (published by Coach House Press) include: Haircuts by Children and Other Evidence for a New Social Contract (2017), Social Acupuncture (2006), which argues for aesthetics of civic engagement, and Your Secrets Sleep with Me (2004), a novel about difference, love and the miraculous. His stage-based works include White Mice (1998), [boxhead] (2000), and All the Sex I’ve Ever Had (2012), all produced by Mammalian. Darren was the 2000 winner of the Pauline McGibbon Award for directing and has been nominated for a number of Dora Awards for his writing, directing, and acting, winning (with Naomi Campbell) for their design of White Mice. His play [boxhead] was nominated for a Chalmers Award and he received a Gabriel Award for excellence in broadcasting for his CBC radio piece Like a Fox. Under his directorship, Mammalian won the 2010 Mayor's Arts Award for Youth, and his Mammalian Protocol for Collaborating with Children was awarded the Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children Supporter Award in 2012. Darren has an MSc. in urban planning, a BFA in acting and studied shiatsu and tradition Chinese medicine at The Shiatsu School of Canada. Follow Darren on Twitter: @darrenodonnell Instagram: @o.darren Periscope: @darrenodonnell Snapchat: photoshine